matcha LOVE
Starter Kit

matcha LOVE Starter Kit

matcha LOVE
Starter Kit

There’s nothing basic about being able to make your very own matcha lattes at home. A must for the wellness lover on your list, our matcha LOVE® Matcha Starter Kit comes complete with everything one needs to create the perfect cup of silky matcha: a matcha bowl, whisk, and tin of ceremonial grade matcha LOVE® Uscha, a light-bodied matcha made from shade-grown and stone-ground green tea from Japan and delivering balanced energy to keep you centered and grounded all day. Step by step instructions included.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free additional matcha LOVE® Usucha 20g tin with purchase.

Matcha Gift Set
  • Ingredients
    Green Tea (Tencha)
  • Shelf Life
    15 months.
    (We recommend you keep air-tight and away from light)
  • Net Weight
    0.7 oz (20 g)
    Makes about 10 bowls of matcha.
What is matcha?

Made from stone-ground whole leaf green tea, matcha is traditionally used for Japanese Tea Ceremonies that honor balance & mindfulness.

Matcha differs from the most common forms of green tea in that rather than drinking steeped tea leaves, you are actually drinking the whole tea leaf itself—which has been finely ground—and has the effect of a gentle, grounding boost of energy and mental clarity.

Matcha Preparation
Preparing a cup of matcha green tea is simple. For best results, begin with freshly drawn cold water, then bring to a boil before adding the tea.
Place 1 tsp. of the matcha powder in the bowl.
Add 2 oz. of hot water (176ºF / 80ºC, just under boiling.)
Hold the bamboo whisk vertically just above the bottom of the bowl, and gently whisk in a zig-zag pattern. Don't stir in a circular motion!
Whisk about for 30 seconds, or until the bubbles on the surface have formed a dense foam. Serve and enjoy!